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Static caravans and park homes need to be set on a solid and level base to eliminate movement and rocking, and to keep the home solid and secure. This is done by jacking up the home with axle/chassis stands and securing it with anchors, chains and other siting gear. The siting gear allows fine adjustments to level the home properly as well as to eliminate rocking and storm displacement.


It is a requirement of most insurance policies that you secure your static caravan or home in this way.


How to Use Axle Stands and Anchoring Chains


Firstly the axle stand is wound up to level the chassis. Then the anchor is secured into the concrete base. The anchor shown in the bottom right of the picture is designed for pre-set concrete. If new concrete is being laid a U bolt can be used.

The chain is then looped around the chassis and connected to an adjuster using a D shackle. The adjuster shown is a hook-eye adjuster so the end opposite the chain is simply hooked onto the eye of the anchor. Alternatively, a second D shackle is used if an eye-eye adjuster is used.


Before starting, the adjusters must be unwound and the chain loops arranged where required. Once all chains have been arranged each one can be gradually tightened by hand. It is important not to increase the tension on one chain without increasing the tension on the other chains to match or the chassis is at risk of moving.


Please don't let this happen to your pride and joy!

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